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Colorado Center
2000 South Colorado Boulevard
Denver, CO 80222
Telephone: (303) 893-1886

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Business infused with Life. Life infused with Business.

Centrally located between Downtown Denver and the D.T.C., Colorado Center was designed to be the central location for everything in your life. From a high-quality office environment to great restaurant and entertainment options, Colorado Center is a premier transit oriented development with three existing Class A Office Buildings. Tower III will complete the office component of the project, along with future Residential and additional Retail.

Each building offers a unique perspective of Denver and tenants experience unparalleled views of the Rocky Mountains in the most central location for Denver business. Explore future and existing leasing opportunities for Tower I, Tower II, Annex, the future Tower III as well as future residential and retail.

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Shower Amenities

Shower Amenities

All three buildings offer showers for the use of Colorado Center Tenants.    Tower I’s showers are located on the 4th floor in both men’s and woman’s restrooms.  The Annex’s showers are located on the 2nd floor in both men’s and woman’s restrooms, and Tower II’s showers are located on the first floor in both the men’s and woman’s restrooms.

We have placed cipher locks on the restroom handles of Tower I and Tower II that house a shower.  Please ask the Management Office or a security guard for the code if needed. 

In the Tower I 4th floor restrooms and Tower II 1st floor restrooms there are lockers for your use.  These lockers are first come first serve.  We ask that you please remove your locks and items nightly.  Please see posted signs within the restrooms for additional information.

Designated Smoking Areas

Designated Smoking Areas

Currently, the designated smoking area for Tower I and the Annex is located by the grassy area across the round-about by the designated covered shelter.

The designated smoking area for Tower II is located on the south west corner of the parking garage adjacent to Tower II. 


*Please use the designated smoking areas listed above. 


*Smoking inside the building, outside any of the doors to the building or in the garage is strictly prohibited.


*Smoking is never allowed in the loading docks of the buildings due to the fact that the HVAC intake valve is located close to the loading docks.


*It is prohibited to smoke electronic cigarettes within the building.

Mail Service

Mail Service

The U.S. Postal Service delivers mail Monday through Saturday any time between 6:00am-6:00pm. Outgoing mail boxes are located in the mailrooms of Tower I and Tower II.  Mail is collected daily according to The U.S. Postal Service’s pick up schedule. If you are located in Tower I or Tower II, please see the Tenant Services Coordinator to receive an assigned mailbox and key.

In the Annex, the mail is delivered to each suite.  The postal carrier will also collect outgoing mail during the time of delivery.  For any additional outdoing mail, the most convenient mailbox for Annex Tenants is in the mailroom of Tower I.

In addition, the below shipping companies pick-up and deliver directly from tenant suites. You may call the following phone numbers to schedule a pick-up:

                        Fed-Ex                        (800) 463-3339

                        UPS                 (800) 742-5877

                        Post Master     (303) 639-1208

Drop boxes are located near the elevators in each parking structure of Tower I and Tower II.

Building Hours

Building Hours

Normal hours of building entry to Colorado Center are 7:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. Access to the buildings during the evenings, weekends and on holidays require use of a building access card, which may be obtained from the Management Office. The office buildings at Colorado Center will be closed and secured on the following days:

New Year’s Day                                 Memorial Day

Independence Day                              Labor Day

Thanksgiving Day                               Christmas Day

If there are any changes to the building closures listed above, the Management Office will notify your tenant contact.

After-Hours Building Emergencies

After-Hours Building Emergencies

In the event of a life threatening emergency, please call 911 immediately.  If there is a disastrous emergency within the building or property, please, call our office at (303) 893-1886.  If you are calling for after-hours assistance, please listen to the voicemail prompts to page an on call engineer.  You will be asked to leave a message, be sure to leave all pertinent information such as your name, tenant name, building location, phone number and the nature of the emergency.  After an engineer has been paged, you will receive a call back immediately.  Out of courtesy to our engineers, please restrict your calls to emergencies only. 

Obtaining access to a locked suite is not deemed an emergency and requests for this service after-hours will be charge $125.00 per call out. 

For fire evacuation procedures, please contact the Warden within your company/suite.  If you do not have an assigned Warden, please contact the Management Office immediately for updated information and training schedules. Building Life Safety trainings take place about every 6 months. 

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